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Custom prices allow you to highly customize and tightly control your TradeSkillMaster price settings. This page contains detailed information on all the features which custom prices provide. If you're just getting started, or if you know exactly what the price should be, you can simply use a fixed gold amount. There are multiple price sources which you can use in your custom prices. The first word in the list is the key which you can include in your custom price.

The keys are not case sensitive. Global prices are an average of both Region prices of the same category. Below is a sample list yours may be different :. The min and max functions are provided which will evaluate to the lowest or highest of the parameters respectively. If any of the parameters are invalid, they will be silently ignored unless they all are.

Returns the first parameter which is a valid price.

tsm vendor sniping

This can be useful to specify a fallback price in case something is invalid i. If the first parameter is greater than 0, will return the second parameter. Otherwise, check will return the third parameter. This is a special function for dealing with item conversions. The convert function has one required parameter which is the price source to be used in calculating the value of the items which convert to the target item.

This parameter cannot be a custom price string and must be simply a price source. Conversions include milling, prospecting, transforming e. The function will return the lowest cost of all possible conversions of the item. Any price source can be evaluated as a function where you pass an item link or item string in order to evaluate the price source for that specific item.

By default, the price source will be evaluated for the item which the entire custom price is being evaluated for. This also works for convert as the second parameter. Page: I have crafting operations setup but nothing is being restocked.

TSM Knowledge Base. Page tree. Browse pages. A t tachments 0 Page History. Jira links. Sample List.Sniper is a unique function in TSM that is focused on finding items that are really underpriced. It works by continuously scanning the latest auctions posted and showing any that meet your criteria.

This will allow you to snag up materials posted in stacks of for the price of one material, or items worth hundreds of thousands of gold for gold if you get lucky. In TSM4 sniper is based on operations. You will have a default operation that ships with TSM that will be applied to all your groups. Since it is governed by operations you can have different operations for different groups, which is very useful. All operations will automatically be used in a sniper scan. For instance it makes a lot of sense to use different settings for sniping materials compared to sniping high-end BoEs.

The Sniper UI is very simple as you can see below. The rest of the UI is covered by the list of results. The buyout sniper is by far the most useful one.

If you click it TSM will continuously scan the last page of the auctions house. Then you just have to figure out if you want to buy the item. If you are on a high population realm there will be other snipers, so fast reactions will be the difference maker for the best deals. The results page will look identical to the results page for a shopping scan, with the item name, posts, stacks, bid and buyout. The rightmost column will once again be in comparison to the maximum price in your sniper operation, not in comparison to dbmarket or any other general price source.

Below you can see some results showing up for BfA materials based on my materials sniping operation. I personally only have two sniper operations at the moment, one general purpose operation and a separate one for BfA materials. Sniper operations are very simple and they only have one option. A custom price string that is the maximum price it will show items at. You can create sniper operations the exact same way as you create any other operation. I would suggest setting up a generalized operation as your default operation.

The most popular one in the game at the moment was made by BilisOnyxia and it is the one I am currently using. His operation uses a custom price called minprice.

After you have added the minprice source you can go to the default sniper operation to change it. The sniper string by BilisOnyxia is below. The ifgt checks will compare the expected value of an item from the minprice source and then set the percentage of minprice you are willing to buy the item for based on that. I suggest going through your base groups and adding the default sniper operation to all of them, and then overriding it for any sub groups you want to add specialized operations too to ensure you get as many deals as possible.

This operation will be applied to your base group. This means that every item in the game that is not in any of your groups will show up. I also suggest adding this operation to most of your groups for snagging up deals. There will be items that show up that you are completely unfamiliar with.

tsm vendor sniping

Some of these will be great deals, and some of them will be traps! It always pays to take a look at the tooltip if you are unfamiliar with an item, you will miss out on some deals that way, but eventually you will develop the confidence and intuition to quickly figure out what you want to buy.

There are also players out there specifically targeting snipers by raising the value of an item over a longer period and then posting it cheaper, but still expensive.

For some markets you want more specialized operations.By StanOctober 28, in News.

How to Set Up the TSM 4 Sniper (2019)

You may have heard the term sniper when it comes down to gold making. Let's look at this powerful TSM feature in more detail. While performing the scan, it constantly fetches the last page of the Auction House for auctions that have been posted way below what they should sell for.

tsm vendor sniping

Items that have been posted cheap by accident also show up on your scan list for a quick buyout. All you need is a proper setup. It's hard to tell as you would need to have Auction House opened all the time and the more you scan the more gold you can earn.

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This way, you can constantly scan and also enjoy the game on your main account at the same time. That was an accident. Now we need to define our sniper formula. It is used to filter out all the items to tell us which is the best to buy and resell. We'll be inserting our custom formula in the field just under the "Test Selected Sound" button.

The function can take parameters. Each parameter is seperated by a comma. What the check function does is, it checks if the first parameter is greater than zero. If it is, it will use the second parameter. If it is not greater than zero equal to or smaller than zero it will use the third parameter If there is no third parameter the whole function will result in an invalid price. Knowing how the check function works, you might already see where the formula is going.

WoW TSM 4 Beginners Guide - Part 5 - Sniping & Sniper Setup

Here is a little easier to read breakdown of the formula:. This will start the scan, you can set up the sound you want to hear when an item appears in the list for quick buyout. Sniping is supposed to be semi-automated. Ok found what I did wrong there.It was possible to scan the last page of the Auction House by eye, and gobble up anything that seemed to be worth a lot of gold.

It was tedious. It took a lot of time. And it took a lot of understanding of the gold market value of every item. Want to know more about the history of sniping? Fascinating article here.

You were faced with the amazing, but intimidating, Sniping String by BilisOnyxia. Choose a type of sniper. Yes there is now a Bid Sniper! But choose Buyout for now. Mouseover the!

Click the X to make the item go away. Super easy with TSM4. Of course, if you think your item needs to go in one of your groups, or you want to make a new group, you can do that too. About the Author. Want more updates on Warcraft Battle for Azeroth?

Support my Patreon for exclusive pre-release Gold Guides. Part 1: What is sniping, and how to do the basics. Part 2: How to sniper-bait and make gold from the snipers. At least half of readers will have already heard about TSM Sniping. A quarter will already be sniping. One tenth will be making millions from sniping already.

History of Sniping Sniping was first done during the old days of Auctioneer. Open up TSM3 Options. Under module options, click on shopping and go look at the Sniper Options section.TradeSkillMaster TSM is an addon suite designed to help both players new to the gold making scene as well as experienced auction house goblins streamline their gold-making processes including everything from crafting things to buying mats to snatch dealfinding lists to creating and canceling auctions.

Have a question? Stuck on an issue? Get help! TradeSkillMaster Groups are at the core of TSM and allow you to organize items you care about in a simple, yet powerful manner Module operations are then applied to groups to perform tasks which are specific to the module Custom prices provide advanced flexibily and functionality for setting price options throught all TSM modules. AuctionDB Provides market statistics for all items on the auction house through item tooltips and for use in custom prices With the aid of the TSM Application, the data for all your realms as well as global statistics can be automatically updated Via the TSM Application, provides extended price points including the global market value, global average min buyout, historical prices, and the average sale price.


Auctioning Allows quick and semi-automated posting and canceling of auctions Auctioning operations are simple to use, yet extremely powerful and flexible in order to accomodate any auction house strategy Reset scan lets you easily profit from resetting markets.

Crafting Provides advanced features for making gold from your professions Allows you to automatically create a queue to restock crafted items according to your groups and Crafting operations Replaces the default profession interface with its own custom interface which let's you easily manage your profession and queue Gathering lets you easily and quickly aquire materials for the queue Provides crafting cost data for custom prices and item tooltips. Destroying Provides a fast and easy way to mill, prospect, and disenchant Allows you to ignore items you don't want to destroy Keeps a log of your destroying activity as well as yield statistics.

Mailing Adds a new tab to the mailbox with a compact and intuitive interface for collecting and sending mail Allows single-click opening of all mail or mail matching specific filters such as AH sales Mailing operations let you easily and automatically send items between characters with a single click Contains other powerful features such as automatic mailing of disenchantable items, sending excess gold to a banker, and more.

Vendoring Allows quick buying of items from a merchant, and selling items to a merchant Buying items in bulk from a merchant is quick and easy Automated buying and selling via operations Sell junk items from your bags with a single click.Post a Comment. You read stories about how lots of people are getting millions of gold with it and you decide to try it out. In your first 10 minutes using it you become overwhelmed with all the configurations required to make it work, but do not fear, I present you the How to Use TSM4 series, starting with one of its most famous features: Sniper.

In this guide I will show how to set everything up in the most simple way. It only takes a few minutes, promise! What is Sniper? Sniper is a TSM module that scans the first and last pages of the AH searching for items which are priced below their market value, allowing you to buy them out immediatly or make a bid on the last minutes.

Afterwards you can resell them at their actual market value and collect a great profit.

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Sounds amazing, right? Let me show you an easy way to get started using TSM Sniper, in just a few steps. Personally I use the Twitch app to search for these addons and keep them updated. This app is where you will automatically obtain the market value of items for your server. After following the previous step, make sure that everything is working correctly with your TSM Desktop App by seeing if your data is updated orange rectangle below.

If it shows you the current date you are ready to start Sniping! So you're trying new methods to make gold in WoW and you come across this interesting addon called TradeSkillMaster also know as just TS How to be Rich, the noob guide. Contact Me.

If you have any questions, suggestions In there, you can fin Vanilla WoW Was Awful. Out of the blue we have received news of a playable demo of WoW Classic in Blizzcon No one was expecting it and yet here it is. There are dozens of ways to make gold in WoW, but it's just as important to know how not to lose it. If you're making mistakes that The Gold Mask. This is part I of the new Finding New Markets series.

In this series I will provide reports on several uncommon ways of making gold. Too Greedy has grown again this week, both in subscribers and unique non-subscribed visits. Since 2G started August 17th the numbers ofWe have now covered all of the meaningful auction house related features of TSM4.

These are quite useful, particularly for markets that require some degree of vendor materials.

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This includes inscriptionjewelcrafting panthers etc. You can see below that it has 4 tabs. Buy and sell will show a list of the items you can buy from the vendor or the items you can sell to the vendor. The sell page also has a button to automatically sell all thrash, which is great.

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The buyback tab is also pretty obvious in that it shows the items you can buyback. The groups tab will get you access to any groups that have vendoring operations applied to them, similar to the groups view on the auction house UI. If you hold shift and right-click an item you can then enter any amount and it will buy it.

You can also use this to buy thousands of Nylon Thread or Distilled Water, which will massively speed up your crafting processes. Vendoring operations can be made to both buy and sell items from vendors. The buy part of the operations is very simple, but the selling options are quite a bit more complex. For buying you simply choose whether or not you want it enabled for the operation and you choose a quantity you want to buy up to.

tsm vendor sniping

Whenever you run the vendoring operation for the groups you have the operation applied to it will buy up to your restock quantity. For selling you can choose to make the operation quite a bit more complex. First you get the checkbox to enable selling at all, as you may have items you just want to sell, or just want to buy. Then you set the minimum quantity you want to keep. You can also set a minimum number of expires. This means that the item needs to have minimum that number of expired auctions before it gets sold.

TSM4 Deep Dive: Sniper

The next settings will let you set a maximum value for the items to ensure you do not vendor any items that are valuable. First you choose which value source you want to use as the market value and then you set a maximum value. A simple one would be to just set the maximum value to g to avoid vendoring anything that can be sold for gold or more. The destroy value and maximum destroy value is similar, but it uses the disenchanting or prospecting value in stead of the market value.

If you have a group for selling battle pets or recipes that are sold by vendors you may want to make a simple vendoring operation that will restock up to 3 of each for instance. Then you can just head to the vendor and click the buy items group. The operation would look like the screenshot below. Below is an example setup for vendoring items that have not sold. You could make this setup slightly more accurate by setting the market value limits based on the expected cost of posting auctions, but we will choose a slightly simpler setup.

We will want to vendor any item worth less than gold that has expired 30 times or more. This is to free up our inventory and to cut down on posting times for items that just do not sell.


We also do not want to vendor it if it can be disenchanted for more than twice the vendor sell price. We use twice the vendor sell price as disenchanting takes time, so if the difference is too small we would rather just vendor it and move on.

If you want to level up your gold making consider supporting my Patreon. I just got an idea. I play on classic and usually use 24 Hour duration auctions maximum. In that calculation I want the item to be able to expire 5 times and still be profitable or else I will vendor it. Oh damn. That would be nice.

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